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Love Letter to a Friend

Posted on September 21, 2016 at 12:30 AM

Love Letter to a Friend

While sitting at my computer yesterday, in the midst of copious amounts of reading and research for school and book #3, I felt the need to stop and compose an email to a dear friend. Sometimes the mood strikes, and I know I won’t be productive until I take care of it. At times, it’s a simple hello, and sometimes it is so much more.

In this case, it was intended to be a quick hello, and to share a couple baby pictures of my family’s most recent additions…not one, but TWO last week! Though that did happen as well, I very quickly found myself in the midst of something I can only describe as a love letter to a friend. If I’m being completely honest, this isn’t a rare event. Not that I write letters to just anyone, but I find the most focus in the written word, and it often allows me to channel a deep love and admiration I hold for a few who have blessed my life.

Throughout my life, I have shared these “love letters” with many, though I learned very early, that some can’t handle my intensity, and sadly, I don’t write nearly as many as I would like. While they have brought some closer, my declaration of innocent admiration and gratitude has gone misunderstood, and even feared. Honestly, I think that’s the saddest of all…those who push away, because they can’t believe they are so very loved, and they have made a powerful difference in my life. Or that my motivations are nothing more than to express my gratitude. I speak from the heart, as openly and honestly as I can, and to some, that’s far too frightening.

To this friend in particular, I am especially grateful. She has been with me through the darkest and most difficult times in my life, and she’s been with me for the most beautiful and brightest. She has helped me to see a future of great possibility. If you’ve been to one of our talks, you’ve heard me talk about her, and how when I had lost hope, and was lost in the darkness, she was my light.

This is a small part of my most recent love letter to my dear friend.

Though I don’t see you every day, you are with me, you are a part of me, and I of you. I am eternally grateful for you. I am not just living, but I am alive. I am not just existing, I am thriving. I am not just here, but I belong. These, every one of them, is true because you shared your light with me.

Ringing through my mind as of late is, I guess an extension of this: Even the smallest light can break through the darkness. Perhaps not the most profound revelation, yet, to believe it wholeheartedly; to practice it, has been most enlightening. It has allowed me the privilege of connecting with some of the most amazing people, who perhaps, needed to be reminded of their contribution to this world. One light can illuminate a room, but together we can light a lifetime of hope.



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