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#BeTheLight continued

Posted on July 9, 2016 at 1:15 PM


#BeTheLight started for me as a means to share my own story of returning from a place of despair, largely due to one person who took the time to share her light of hope with me. In a time when I felt unable to move past the pain, the loss of control in my own life, and the isolation I felt walled in by.

It has grown since I began this journey, and I pray it continues to.

Anyone who has been to one of our book signings with a talk has heard the story of my depression, my darkness and I call it, and how the compassion of one person, a stranger at the time, was able to reach me, and guide me back to a place of well-being. A place where I now feel strong enough to share the light with others, and feel so uplifted, and hopeful by the goodness and honesty I have received in return.

I posted the following this afternoon on my facebook page. With all the hatred, violence and fear taking over our lives, I have been led to fight for compassion, hope and love. In the face of the darkness, no matter what form it presents itself, we are faced with some of the most difficult choices we may ever face. We can choose to perpetuate the darkness, the pain and destruction, OR we can fight against it with love, advocacy and hope. HOPE, can make the impossible possible. HOPE can pave the way to understanding. HOPE is the key to a happy life. Hope can take a world of confusion and fear, and pave the way to a better tomorrow.

So for just this moment, put the fear and pain aside, and breathe in a soul full of hope. It is infectious, and it will see us through whatever battle we may face.

#BeTheLight my friend, the rewards are beyond amazing.

Okay folks, so I have an idea. How about you join me in filling Facebook with positive, uplifting posts. I've seen several of you comment about how, in these trying times, the feed is filled with horrific news events and the pains of this world, and I understand the passion, and longing for understanding. But, just fora moment, let’s stop and rejoice the life we have.

So I am challenging each and every one of you, for just a moment, let’s put some positive energy out there.

Please post something uplifting, something as simple or complex as you wish, so long as it is something that will bring some joy into that moment when others read or watch it.

I'd like you to post it with this hashtag ‪#‎BeTheLight‬ so we call all share in this moment of prayer, or sending out good energy, or just good old fashion laughter.

#BeTheLight started with me, wanting to share the incredible gift I was given when I was lost in my own darkness. It has become my own personal crusade to share the light of joy and hope.

If you'd like to share this, great, if not, that's okay too. Just know, right now, there is at least one of us (me) sending out positive intentions and light to a world in need.

(Also, if you like to learn more about #BeTheLight, you can read about it on my website LFBlanchard,com, or join us at one of our book signings (also on my site). )

Share the love, spread the light of hope, and take time, every day to find your own personal peace.


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