Exploring the healing 
power of the arts

Abandoned Asylums of Massachusetts,
Abandoned Asylums of Connecticut, and Kings Park Psychiatric Center (Long Island, NY)
Author signed copies are now available. 

Upcoming titles include Abandoned Asylums of New York: Hudson Valley
More titles to come. 

*Please note, the Seaside Sanatorium (chapter 1) is in Waterford CT,

and not in Waterbury CT. This error will be corrected in future printings of the book

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Exploring the healing power of the arts


Storytelling is at the essence of who L.F. Blanchard is. Since she was a young girl, she'd found the freedom to express herself with the written word. 

Her recent books, The Abandoned Asylum Series, she joins with friend, and fellow photographer, Tammy Rebello, to not only tell the stories of these forgotten places, but their own journey as well. 


A promise to her mother was what brought L.F. to the arts. Her mother, a portrait artist herself, encouraged her to pursue the craft as a means of expression. One class led to another, and a passion for the arts was awakened.

Most recently, she has been combining her passion for psychology and art in a joint project they call "Journey into Light", which features her original art, along with Tammy's photographs. 


Photography is an extension of L.F.’s storytelling. Striving to tell a story with each shot, she seeks to find beauty in the every day, and pay homage to the miracles around us.

Her more recent work makes up an ever growing project she calls "America the Beautiful", which she has shown across Massachusetts,

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